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What we do

Outcomes, Trust.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Number One Priority.
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Ankat Group is a value-added technology family-operated company. 

We are based in North Carolina with an extensive network throughout the US. Our services are geared for commercial and residential clients, plus we have project experience for all industries, including retail, hospitality, medical, automotive, commercial offices, and public space. In addition, our staff has training that guarantees customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service, short turnaround time, and innovative solutions. Plus, our national scope of services puts us in the unique position of completing multi-state projects efficiently.

The Ankat Group is a team of experts working to serve you with solutions to simplify your life directly.

Our areas of expertise include:
We provide innovative design and installation as well as the latest technologies at cost-effective rates. 

For all your low-voltage solutions, We give you a cost-effective, knowledgeable solution. We build our reputation by helping you solve problems and working together to find unique ways to streamline your systems.

With the right support,
you can do more than you think

We are not just a Company. We are your partner!


At Ankat Group, we do all the things, and we do them right. Safety and productivity-focused staffing and service are what we do, and it’s what we do best.
Our knowledgeable and professional staff will work with you to complete projects on time and within budget.
You get a more effective and efficient solution by outsourcing your IT and network installation services to a trusted partner.
Instead of worrying about managing it all - from designing a system to installing and maintaining it, you have more time for running the business. At the same time, we take care of the rest.
While many service providers may offer parts of what we do, no one around does what we do! You’ll see our unrivaled technology-based solutions for any project type throughout the site.

At Ankat, we’re customizing intelligent home solutions to help you save energy, stay safe and enjoy the comfort and convenience of your dream home.

Join the rapidly growing list of happy clients going with Ankat Group. We have the right solution for the right price, on a time and a budget that suits you.


John, NC

We appreciate your staff’s professionalism and courtesy, and we look forward to another successful business relationship with Ankat Group.

Liam, GA

The Ankat Group, LLC is the best IT Company in North Carolina, serving customers with end-user support, networking, and system integration. We are your local IT company that provides expert service at an affordable price.

Mia, NC

We have been using Ankat to fulfill our clients’ orders for a few years now. We have been pleased with their services. They are fast, efficient and their customer service is excellent. Their rates are also very reasonable compared to other fulfillment companies.

Find out how Ankat group can help complete your upcoming projects. Get in touch today.

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